Transmission Fluid Change

The transmission is amongst the most expensive and complex systems in a vehicle and the quality of the transmission fluid is crucial to its maintenance. Transmission fluid is not only the hydraulic fluid, by which the transmission functions, but also the lubricant, sealant and cleansing agent for the transmission system. Over time, automatic transmission fluid degrades due to high operating temperatures, and wear & tear of internal transmission components. This makes it tremendously important to ensure that your transmission fluid is changed at the correct intervals.

Avoid premature transmission failure and trust Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres for your Transmission Fluid Change in Calgary. Our transmission flush will ensure that your transmission is healthy and protected against future harm! We will flush your fluid with our fully synthetic transmission fluid that is always OEM specified or higher. We will then inject a flush kit designed to remove damaging deposits and clean the valve body, filter screen, and other important automatic transmission components while preventing any future deposit formation and fluid breakdown. Finally, we will replace your transmissions fluid filter whenever it is necessary.





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